Welcome to "One For All Funeral Society"

One For All Funeral Society was formed in 2009 by a young entrepreneur Preyalan Pillay and the main reasons were:

Judging from conversations with many people, many suggested that we need more Burial Societies, one where anyone and everyone could belong to, and know that they are covered in the event a loved one passes on.

Death is not something to leave for the last minute, and it cost so little every month to have funeral cover. It’s good to be prepared should a loved one pass on. Paying for funeral costs these days out of your pocket can be a costly affair, anything from R10000 up to R25000 if not more.

Why go through all that high expense and paying out of your pocket when we are here for you. We will assist you in your time of need, and allow you to bereave for your loved one and not your pocket, that’s why we launched “One for All Funeral Society” because it’s for the people, by the people.

With the tough economic times we in, money is scarce to many people and many do not think or even budget for funeral insurance. It is said that; these days it’s even costly to die.

We have tailor-made products to suit your needs and we cover:

Single Members
Married/Single Parent with or without kids
And new or existing burial societies.

One For All Funeral Society is a representative under fsp no: 47989


"The grace of God is like insurance. It will help you in your time of need."